Terrain Notes

—Issue 01

Skateboarding publication. Issue 01 with artwork, text and photographic contributions by Alana Paterson (CAD), Christos Simos (GRC), Mark Byk (CAD), Sarah Meurle (SWE), Sebastián Rodríguez (CHL), Seth Fluker (CAD) and Will Jivcoff (CAD).

Terrain Notes is a skateboarding publication, created to share the vision and voice of skateboarders. Each issue will be designed with different materials, printing techniques, size and created with the contribution from different skateboarders.

Issue 01 designed with various paper types
Digital & Screenprinted in Toronto, ON Canada
First edition of 55 — 44 pages
Size 8x10 inches

Cover Screenprint & Type Artwork by Mark Byk
Cover Photography by Sarah Meurle
Concept, Edition & Design Direction by Cristian Ordóñez

Contact for more info or to order: studio@cristianordonez.com
Online ordering coming soon
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2017 Ⓒ A project created by Cristian Ordóñez